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About My Autobiography

My new students and followers kept asking me for stories from my exciting life as Tolkien's prophet. So I finally decided to publish my autobiography as a little novella.

"Beneath Unwashed Robes" retells the first part of my life - my education as a Tolkien expert, my time as underwater warrior, and my rise to leader of a world religion. It ends with the difficult time I had after my temple was destroyed.

Today, of course, more could be said. There are whispers that a second volume is in the making, "Beyond Unwashed Robes", but these are really just unfounded whispers at this point.

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Beneath Unwashed Robes
The print version. Don't be scared, it is really just a short novella. It looks so thick because I chose "gold-laced cardboard" as option for the pages at the bookbinder. That gives the pages maximum stability when you take the book with you, for example, on an expedition to the North Pole.

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