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Fifty Thousand Tolkiens

A very short poem about a dream that I had. It may well be the dream with the most J.R.R. Tolkiens ever!


Fifty thousand Tolkiens
I saw in my vision
Don't know what it all means
Not a faint suspicion.

Fifty thousand Tolkiens
A pipe for every bloke
Matches lit, then all scenes
Obscured by walls of smoke.

There, a Jackson Peter
Frolicks on the lawn!
Falsifier, cheater!
Get him ere he's gone!

50.000 Tolkiens, give or take 50

Fifty thousand Tolkiens
Are a force indeed
In a pack like sardines
Run like a stampede

Fifty thousand Tolkiens
Trample Jackson dead
Then to vanish all seems -
I wake up in my bed.

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