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Tolkien and... Oxford English Dictionary, the

A student inquired: "When Tolkien wrote the Oxford English Dictionary, did he make changes to the language?"


The truth is, yes, very much!

Everyone knows that J.R.R. Tolkien wrote the Oxford English Dictionary. But few people realize that until he did so, the English language was full of words like "Whrþklkðxzæ" or "Hrrgbþlðpf". This was why people died at an early age from sore throats. (Except monks who took a vow of silence, those died from velociraptor attacks because they couldn't warn each other.)

When Tolkien finally decided to write the OED and leave out all these harmful words, public health improved drastically! England was saved!

But the people had a hard time learning the new way of speaking. It was like a completely new language, so they needed training. They needed a large book in the new English to practice their textual skills. This is the real reason why Tolkien wrote "Lord of the Rings" for them.

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